The Potential Dangers of Splenda / Sucralose


High Percentage of Supermarket Meats Found to be 
Contaminated By Drug-resistant Bacteria

Death in the Kitchen

Hogs and Other Hazards


Beef Recall in Six States

Tests Confirm
New Mad Cow Case in U.S.

“There may well be cows that ate the same feed this one did
that have already been slaughtered and eaten by people”
— Jean Halloran, Consumers Union (MSNBC)

Trust without disclosure? USDA has gone mad

Japan Confirms Human Mad Cow Fatality

Mad Cow (BSE) found in Goat

Research indicates mad cow disease
can travel to other organs besides the
cow's brain and nervous system.

Red-Meat May Increase Colon Cancer Risk

Canada Confirms Third Mad Cow

Second Canadian Mad Cow Confirmed

Thousands in Britain may have Mad Cow

USDA Ends Search
For Possible Mad Cows
Less Than Half Found

USDA Confirms Mad Cow
Has Been Found In U.S.
in a Washington State Cow

Meat from the infected animal was processed and also sent to
Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada
and the U.S. territory of Guam.

Supermarket chains in the West — Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Safeway and WinCo Foods have voluntarily removed ground beef products from the affected distributors.

USDA Misleading American Public
about Beef Safety

Based on experience in other countries,
"I would assume there are hundreds of cases out there,"
Toronto microbiologist David Westaway said Saturday.

Mad Cow Came From Canada

Japan and Korea
Ban Import of U.S. Beef

Blood donor, recipient
die of mad cow disease

Who Needs Meat?

Mad cow disease still threatens U.S.

Japan confirms 9th mad cow case, 2nd in a month

8th Mad Cow found in Japan

Are There "Mad Cows" in the U.S.?

FDA Reveals Large Number Of Feed-mill Violations

95 Cases of people with "Mad Cow" in United Kingdom

"Millions of unaware people may be infected"
(PDF with original subtitle)

US military moves to curb 'mad cow' risk

"Mad Cow" Found In Japan

"Mad Cow" Fear Sweeps Japan

Infected Japanese Cow Was Processed Into Animal Feed!

Disease Kills Japan's Appetite for Beef

Beef find in poultry raises BSE fears

"Mad Cow" Found in Israel

Japan confirms 5th case of mad-cow disease

Seventh 'mad cow' confirmed in Japan!

Mad Cow Blood Test Discovered!

Mad Cow Found In Canada
Burger Chain Stocks Drop!

Canada Delayed Mad Cow Diagnosis