"Thank God It's Sunday / Sabbath" Campaign Underway!

One of the "Thank God It's Sunday / Sabbath" ™ billboards. Pope John Paul II views a TGIS ™ banner.
TGIS ™ is a Minnesota based lay Catholic campaign to bring the Sunday Sabbath back to the Lord, which began in 1998.

Images are from EWTN's Mother Angelica Live,  which on one program promoted a return to Sundaykeeping and featured an interview with Judy Kullman of Talk Etc., Inc.

Talk Etc., Inc. - TGIS ™ Campaign Website

Talk Etc., Inc.
P.O. Box 131673
St. Paul , MN 55113-0015
(651) 483-3644

TGIS ™ banner on display outside a Catholic Church.

Sunday is NOT the Sabbath
The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast