The Battle of Armageddon



Lawlessness In The Temple Of God
2 Thessalonians 2


"there is a power in the Sabbath truth we have never known before"

The Mark Of The Beast In Daniel 8 - 12

The Abomination that makes Desolate
Made Clear!

The "Daily" of Daniel Cracked!
The Same Message Proclaimed In Rev. 14, Beginning In 1844!

Identifying the True Church Proclaiming The Elijah Message
From Scripture
Think To Change Times And Laws:
Daniel 7:25 In The Catechism Of The Catholic Church
Offering Strange Fire Before The Lord

Dr. James White & Catholic Tradition

Pope Calls Sunday
"The Primordial Holy Day"

Amazing Papal Quotes on God's Law

Pope Benedict XVI Comments On
The Origin And Importance Of Sunday

May the "Day of the Lord" that could well be called
"the lord of days" regain all its importance ...

Text Online at the Vatican

"Sunday is not a day for wholesale shopping but a day to give more attention to God and should be emphasized as such."
Cardinal Arinze

Exactly Which Pope Made The Change
From Sabbath To Sunday Rest?
The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast.

The Seal of God in the Old and New Covenants

The Catholic Record of September 1st, 1923
on Sabbath Observance.
May 21, 1995
Volume 50, Number 22
St. Catherine Catholic Church, Algonac, Michigan
Why Do You Not Keep The Sabbath-day?
Skip Heitzig
Teaching Errors About The Sabbath

A Rebuttal To Patrick Madrid's

Why Do We Worship on Sunday
and Not on the Jewish Sabbath?

Patrick Madrid, the Sabbath, and the Calendar:
"Surprised By Truth"

A Biblical Critique of Pat Robertson's New Book
The Ten Offenses
Commandment Four: Observe a Sabbath Rest
Pope Benedict XVI Urges Rediscovery of Christian Sunday
Largest Christian Retailer Opens Sundays
Sundays Are Losing Their Meaning, Warns Cardinal
D. James Kennedy's Sermon "The Gift of Rest"
Leading the way to the Mark of the Beast
A Rebuttal to Joao Machado on Sabbath or Sunday
What Difference Does The River Make?
An Open Letter to Pastor Jack Hayford
on Sunday as "the Lord's Day."
The "Bible Answer Man"
on the Keeping of Sunday.
Sunday is NOT the biblical Sabbath day.
Did the Apostles keep Sunday?
Rome's Challenge ...
Why do Protestants keep Sunday?
Rome's Arraignment
of Protestant Sabbath-Breakers

A Rebuttal to Jacob Michael of
Catholic Apologetics International
on the Sabbath / Sunday Issue

The Shadow Sabbaths of Colossians 2:17
Keeping Every Day Holy
Government Decrees on Keeping a Sunday Sabbath.
On Opposing Sunday Laws
Sabbath-keeping Condemned as AntiChrist
by Pope Gregory I
Pope Declares Seventh-day Sabbath-keepers
Cannot Be Saved!
A Tract on the Sabbath
by T. M. Preble

Protestants Declare Their Catholicity On Easter!

Is Pentecost Always on Sunday?
Nova Scotia will continue to prohibit shopping on Sundays
Catholic Archbishop Wants to
Recover the Sense of Sunday
Observe Sunday, Save the Environment?
March 16th 2000 Christianity Today Article
Receiving the Day the Lord Has Made
A day of rest is God's gift to us.
 [But is it Sunday?]
October 9th 1999 Issue of World Magazine:
Secularization of the Sunday Sabbath Threatens
the Health of Christ's Church?
April 4th 1999 Edition of USA Weekend Asks:
Whatever Happened to Sunday?
Polish Lawmakers Are Considering
A National Sunday Law!
New Sunday Law Enacted In Ireland
Pope says Sundays should be sanctified,
in obedience to the 3rd Commandment?
Pat Robertson's CBN on
Remembering the [Sunday] Sabbath?
Pat Robertson's CBN poses the question
Is Saturday or Sunday the True Sabbath?
May 31st, 1998
Official Text of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter
"Dies Domini" (The Lord's Day)
On Keeping Sunday Holy!

Online at the Vatican
A Fully Hyperlinked Version of Dies Domini
with Highlighted Text of Special Interest
For Ready Reference.
Dies Domini #14 is Mistranslated in English!
Sept 1 1997 Christianity Today Article on
Rediscovering the (Sunday) Sabbath
"Dancing With The Golden Calf"
By Not Keeping Sundays Holy!
April 19th 1997 Issue of World Magazine:
The Sunday Christian Sabbath - A Dying Day?
Reclaiming the Sunday Sabbath?
On the Blue Laws


Web Sites of Organizations
Promoting Sunday Rest

The Lord's Day Alliance of the U.S.

Thank God It's Sunday / Sabbath Campaign

Great Britain

The Lord's Day Observance Society

Keep Sunday Special Campaign


Save Our Sundays